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Aloe Ace-Max

1 capsule = 64 oz. of aloe juice!

Aloe Vera has been used historically since biblical times by many cultures from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to the Indian and Chinese people. It has been proven for thousands of years to be one of the most effective healing agents available for wounds and also when ingested into the body for healing. This modern product uses an exclusive, new world patented extraction processing technology to provide a superior product. It contains Freeze-Dried Aloe Ace Max tm, Aloe Vera and GR8CF-77tm, Enriching Gifts proprietary blend of 8 plant enzymes and ionic-form trace minerals. Aloe Ace-Max contains up to 100 times more polysachharides than any other Aloe or juice product on the market anywhere in the world today..


Key Benefits:

Anesthetic -  Relieves itching, swelling and pain


Antibiotic Action

Anti-Fungal Activity



Arthritis -  Helps reduce arthrities symptoms by reducing inflammation in joints aleady afflicted by arthritis.

Bowel - Detoxifies bowel - effective for treating inflammatory bowel disease.

Cell Regeneration

Cleanses and restores healthy tissues in GI track.

Diabetes - Reduces blood sugar level in diabetics.

Digestive Stimulant - Neutralizes stomach acidity. Relieves constipation and gastric ulcers.

Helps dilate and restore elasticity and flexibility to blood vessels.

Helps energize the body.

Healing Action - Heals burns, decreases surgical recovery time speeds would healing.

HIV - Effective part of Nutritional Support Program for HIV+ patients. Stimulates T4 helper cells and white blood cells that activate the immune response to infections. Extract of mannose - one of the sugars in aloe can inhibit HIV-1 by increasing the immune system's ability to identify and destroy the HIV virus.

Immune System - Strengthens body's immune system, strengthens immune system of cancer patients. May help prolong survival time of cancer patients.

Pain Inhibitor

Helps Regeneration of Tissues

Transportation for Other Herbs and Vitamins